Brand story: Quality is the attitude towards life

LIVANO Furniture was founded in 2000. The furniture’s design are inspired by Italian 🇮🇹 style. LIVANO begins as a wholesale leather sofas export company that produce high-quality leather sofas.
LIVANO experienced many challenges in the beginning. Due to different business philosophy, we had made a tough decision to slipt with our business partner. The company constantly perfect and improve the manufacturing of our furniture.
LlVANO perseveres based on modern and simple of Italian’s design, using high-grade cowhide, fabrics and high-grade borneol wood that can preserve and anti-insect. LIVANO has a one-stop production line with experienced team to guarantee high quality of furniture.
In 2010, LIVANO’s first flagship furniture showroom was officially opened, and in cooperation with three major bedding brand companies, Dunlopillo, King Koil, Natura bedding specialty stores were established in shopping malls. So far, LIVANO has gained a lot of support and loyal customer. We also have 5 showrooms and 1 production facility.
In the past 20 years, LIVANO’s business has expanded from humbly beginning at Johor to Penang and Singapore. Adhering to the principle of providing high-quality furniture that allow customer to build dream home to enjoy high quality of living.

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Digital Marketing Theory

  • 2 December, 2019
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Marketing Strategy

  • 15 July, 2018
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